If you don't see a fit with any of our open jobs--or don't have time to search through all of them--apply here! We'll take a look at your skills/experience and consider you for any/all future positions across all of our clients. We'll also tell you if your skills and experience are not a good fit for the jobs we normally have available.

As of May 2024, most of our positions are in the DC area (MD/VA). We also sometimes have positions in Utah, New York (limited), or Boston (limited). We expect to add some positions in Seattle soon. We typically require 5+ years of experience, though new positions come open frequently as this can change. We have an active waiting list for fully remote positions as well as applicants that just need a bit more experience to be competitive, and we'll follow up with these candidates in the future.

We also have very limited abilities to sponsor visas--if you are outside the U.S. without a valid visa, please DO NOT apply.

It's important to answer as many questions as possible and upload a resume if you have one, preferably in plain text format. Otherwise, it's hard to figure out a match.

We will not take any of your time unless/until we think we have a good fit. Therefore, if you don't hear from us for a while, don't worry! We're working on it.

If you have previous military or government experience, please do not send us resume text unless it has been approved by the relevant entities. You can simply note that you are in the process of getting an approved resume.

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(Terms and conditions apply.)



Not a U.S. citizen?
With rare exceptions (noted in the application), we recruit U.S. citizens and permanent residents only. Unfortunately, few of our clients have the ability to sponsor H1-B visas at this time. Please do not apply if you require a U.S. visa.

What format should I use for my resume? We strongly prefer plain text resumes.

Do you provide resume editing services? We currently receive too many applications to provide detailed, individual resume feedback in most cases unless we believe you are a strong fit for a position.

Can you help with internships? At this time, we only have full time roles.

Can coding boot camp grads apply? We have found that recent coding boot camp graduates without a separate technical degree are almost never competitive for the roles we have. We strongly recommend a few years of real-world work experience.

Recently graduated? Recent college graduates should include information on projects they have built to be competitive. We are happy to help recent or prospective graduates if we can; however, generally, we do not have entry-level positions and are unable to provide tailored resume feedback.



We match candidates based on the following criteria: interests, technical skills, location preferences (including remote/hybrid), salary preferences, and timeline (it's best to talk to us as early as possible!)


Pre-seed: up to $150k+equity

Seed stage: up to $170k+equity

Series A/B: Series A/B companies tend to get picky around $170k to 200k+equity; some can go higher than that (sometimes MUCH higher, $250k-$300k+) for very strong candidates with a lot of experience.

Cleared engineers (TS w/ poly, DC area): up to $200k-$225k for on-site staffing contracts; TS with very strong engineering skills and AI/ML experience can go as high as $250k+ for companies who sell products to the USG.



We will reformat your resume and develop an extensive, detailed candidate package before submitting you to any clients. Therefore we recommending submitting resumes in plain text format only. Please name your resume file something like:


Please do not submit a resume with the file name 'resume' or resume.txt! It's likely to get clobbered by another file when someone is working on it.

Should we submit you as a candidate to any clients, we will provide detailed coaching and feedback throughout the process.